Our sushi Take Away at Supermarkets in Apolonia is the ideal place to taste this delicious Japanese cuisine in the confort of your own home. With a comprehensive selection of sushi dishes, our skilled sushi chefs are available to prepare any dish that the customer wishes to take home, from a simple duo of Sushi Okonomi with a thin slice of salmon, tuna, bass or maybe salmon roe in a bowl of rice, or eight wrapps of Sushi Maki (rice and fish or vegetable servings wrapped in nori seaweed), to the ever popular California Rolls (fish and / or vegetables wrapped in nori seaweed covered rice ) or the Simple Sashimi (fish only).

Ideal for customers who care about their health.


Special Combinations


Né Lima
I seriously advise trying this wonderful sushi, it is the best i have ever tasted. An exelent quality with the best and friendliest costomer service at the best Algarve Supermarket “Apolónia”
Né Lima Facebook
Maria Schultz
Maria Schultz Facebook
Eduardo Fuentes
Very Good…. Loved it… Congratulations…
Eduardo Fuentes Facebook
Simon Hughes
The best Sushi in the Algarve!
Simon Hughes Facebook
Carmélia Félix
Excelent 😉
Carmélia Félix Facebook
Filomena Jacinto
Excelent. 5 star service and a huge variety of sushi and sahimi. I strongly recomend! =)
Filomena Jacinto Facebook